Family law touches many aspects of life. Parents who suddenly find out that they have biological children may find themselves in court to deal with legal issues related to child custody and paternity. 

A doctor who lives in Greenville South Carolina was suddenly contacted by a woman who claimed to be his biological daughter

South Carolina doctor finds out he has a donor child decades later

The situation began with a young woman from California who was a filmmaker. The woman had started a quest to find her biological father while in her late twenties, after she learned from her mother that the man she knew as her father was not actually a biological parent. The story also included some minor details about how they had looked for a solution through artificial insemination, but details were sketchy due to the length of time that had passed. She began to create a documentary about her endeavor, and she looked through various documents and contacted numerous people in the area of the Carolinas where her parents were living at the time. She had little other help beyond a general geographic area. 

It turns out that the woman’s parents were living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina when they contacted a doctor at the nearby university for advice regarding fertility and planning for a child in the 1970s. The Greenville doctor was a student and the UNC Medical School at the time, and he had been chosen as a sperm donor in a clinical trial that was taking place. His sperm was used to help this couple conceive a child.  

The doctor had already been through two marriages and divorces throughout the course of his life when he received the news. He also had two other children during those unions. However, he said that between his other relationships and running a psychiatric practice full time, he never imagined that a donor child would ever contact him. When he received an email from his daughter, he responded as soon as possible and the two arranged for a meeting. It turns out that she had found his photo in a class of 1974 yearbook for the medical school and his clinic. Other members of the families were contacted to verify some details, and it turns out that she was finally able to conclude her journey to find her biological father. 

The law and paternity

Divorces and paternity issues can create all kinds of legal actions that end up in the family court system. A parent who is determined to be biologically related to a child will be obligated to provide support until they reach adulthood. Child support payments are a serious financial responsibility, and they are necessary to provide healthcare, education, and other essentials. 

Like the news story above, many parents suddenly find themselves in a new situation once paternity has been established. In most cases, the biological parents will have to agree on custody and follow state mandated support amounts with the assistance of an attorney. Disputes can cause the parents to spend time litigating issues in court.  

Get advice from an attorney in your area

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