Divorces can happen to anyone, and even people who seem to have great marriages can experience problems that are not visible on the surface. 

A Greenville megachurch pastor made local headlines when he bought his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini when they were on the verge of divorce.  The situation was later explained to the public. 

Pastor reveals his personal turmoil and marriage problems

The pastor came forward shortly after the incident and admitted that he felt he was failing his wife. He said that their marital situation gradually became more tense over the course of two years. There were nights when one of them ended up sleeping on the couch or they ended up going to sleep crying. The pastor felt troubled by attempting to portray a happy persona in public and to members of his congregation, but the reality of his personal life was very different. Both the pastor and his wife had essentially committed themselves to a divorce, even though they had formally filed. 

He also stated that bad advice he was getting from people outside of his marriage complicated the situation and made it worse. His wife commented that she thought some of these people were deliberately trying to attack his insecurities. The situation got serious enough that the pastor contemplated suicide at one point, which he revealed on his personal YouTube channel later.  He claims that while all of this was going on in 2018, it was easily the worst year of his life. 

Signs that it may be time for a divorce

There are a number of reasons why couples should divorce, and couples who are in trouble demonstrate many common behaviors. As the article demonstrates, intense arguments and emotions can cause serious stress and strain on a person’s mental and physical health. If this does not improve over a prolonged period of time, it may be necessary to move on.

Some of the other crucial signs that a divorce is coming include:

  • a lack of intimate contact and time together 
  • each spouse engaging in their own personal activities and looking for other romantic partners 
  • constant arguing or tension over finances and money issues
  • looking forward to and making plans for a single life away from the other spouse
  • issues with domestic violence or substance abuse

If multiple signs from this list are present, it may be time to get legal representation and plan for the future. 

Talk to a local lawyer about the possibility of a divorce

If you are considering going through with a divorce and need advice about the legal process and practical consequences, it is best to get advice from a family law attorney. To speak to someone in the Greenville, South Carolina area, contact:

The Hayes Law Firm Upstate Attorneys LLC

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