Workers in Greenville County, South Carolina were exposed to severe weather and the possibility of harm when a tornado struck the area with wind speeds in excess of 100 mph. 

Tornado disrupts businesses and destroys several structures

The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-2 tornado affected several structures and businesses in Greenville County. As the work week began, people were working to clean up debris from the storm that hit on Saturday night and caused a fair amount of destruction in the area. The strong winds knocked many trees over and the damage spread for a number of miles.

A Sunday morning report confirmed that the storm center was near Pleasantburg Drive and Rutherford Road. The worst conditions came just after 9pm on Saturday. The path continued for a stretch of a few miles between just north of Greenville and the southeast part of Taylors. Authorities believe that no one was injured or hurt, but they were unsure if some problems remained unreported at the time. A hotel, church, and restaurant were among the buildings with damaged roofs. It is unknown if anyone was working in these buildings where the damage occurred. Winds reached up to 115 mph during the storm. Emergency management was also assisting with the cleanup of a grocery store and Mexican restaurant on Wade Hampton Boulevard. Both of these businesses sustained an undisclosed amount of damage. 

A mess of signs, power and light poles, and uprooted trees scattered through the area. Early estimates were not able to determine exactly which buildings or structures this debris came from. A resident who was interviewed by the local news said he was thankful that the damage was not worse and everyone he knows was not harmed. 

Can people receive workers compensation if weather causes injuries while they work? 

There are various conditions that can be caused by severe heat or cold weather. As a general rule, if a person develops an illness or injury because of weather during their working hours, they are eligible for workers compensation. In most cases, the only requirement is that the injury occurred during working hours while performing a person’s normal job duties. The exact cause of the accident is usually not at issue in most cases. 

Before accepting any workers compensation funds or a settlement agreement, it is important to contact a local attorney who has experience in this area of the law. Workers can possibly lose money or experience other problems if they are not informed of all of their rights. 

Firms that focus on workers compensation cases

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