As COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly across the globe, more people are taking to the internet to keep track of the rising numbers of patients and corresponding fatalities. Naturally, this desperation for knowledge created the perfect opportunity for hackers to use the coronavirus as a guise to steal other people’s private information.

A new software that does a very good job of pretending to show a live and interactive map of coronavirus cases around the world has gained some popularity across the last couple of weeks. However convincing it may look, it turns out it is malware in reality, and once a person opens it, they give access to these opportunistic hackers to steal all the information they have tucked away in their devices, and yes, that includes credit card information and all passwords as well. The name of this sinister malware tool is Corona-virus-Map.exe. and it should be avoided at all costs.

The malicious nature of this outwardly harmless app was initially determined by Shai Alfasi, a cyber security researcher at ReasonLabs. He discovered the unnerving fact that this program not only infects a person’s device, but it can further download more malware and gain a very dangerous level of access to a person’s information. Anyone who wants to keep their information safe needs to take the extra precaution of not downloading any coronavirus related software unless they are completely sure it is a verified program created by a trusted company. There are always other ways of staying up to date with how the virus is spreading, such as through watching the news or signing up for alerts from trusted news websites.

The fact that a virus spreading across the globe could result in an attempted digital-virus debacle may come as something surprising to the average person, but cybersecurity researchers already predicted a rise in cyber attacks when COVID-19 first began to gain traction.

How bad is the coronavirus outbreak across the world?

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly, and new cases and fatalities are being announced daily from all over the globe.  There have been more than 180,000 total cases reported and over 7000 deaths on a global scale.

The United States is doing everything in their power to try and contain the sudden outbreaks occurring. The Bay Area has pushed residents to remain in their homes and refrain from going outside. This is saying something, as over 7 million individuals are affected by this new ruling.  The Mayor of San Francisco has explicitly stated that everyone should stay in their homes unless there is an absolute need for them to leave.

So far, self-isolation seems to be the best remedy that can be followed to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Social distancing can stop the virus in its tracks because it will lose opportunities to jump onto different hosts and this will cause it to lose the chance to continue spreading. Everyone should use extreme precaution and apart from staying indoors, they should increase in using hand sanitizers and soap as well to reduce their chances of catching the virus. Not to mention, they should also refrain from downloading anything unverified onto their computers related to the coronavirus in order to keep the hackers out.







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