Research shows fewer than 1 in 5 companies attempt to discuss appropriate conduct. 75% of employees who spoke out against workplace mistreatment faced retaliation. 8 in 10 Americans think that workplace harassment happens in most workplaces. But only 1 in 10 believe it is happening in their own office. This data signifies how common workplace harassment is and how often it goes unacknowledged. But to report any misconduct, one must understand what it encompasses.

Workplace harassment refers to any belittling or threatening behavior aimed at an individual or a group. Harassment takes many forms, such as violence, bullying, and lewd behavior. In other words, workplace harassment is a form of discrimination based on the victim’s gender, race, disability, or other protected characteristics. 

Most employees do not bring workplace harassment events to light because of a lack of redress by employers when the incidents are filed. They believe that workplace culture does not support them, and their report will only result in their dismissal. They may also be unsure of who to report to, and whether their complaint will remain confidential. In many cases where reports were filed, victims faced retaliation.

Aggressive behavior at the workplace is a significant source of stress to the employees which can also carry grave consequences. It can be related to lost wages, employment dismissal, and if unaddressed can have severe repercussions such as psychological effects like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Such occurrences emphasize the need for Ashland harassment lawyers. To tackle prejudice, the first move is to disclose it. Discrimination lawyers can help the victim open an investigation as soon as the misconduct occurs. 

Documenting instances of workplace harassment is crucial to prove the victim’s accusations. A skilled Ashland harassment attorney organizes evidence and collects witness attestations that strengthen the victim’s case. 

If the victim successfully demonstrates the hostile work environment claim, they are entitled to compensation and punitive damages for any losses that they may have suffered. Ashland harassment attorneys ensure that the victim is adequately reimbursed.

There are several laws in place to create a healthier work environment for employees. An Ashland employment lawyer informs victims of their rights and protective laws to defend them in the unfortunate event of workplace harassment. is a legal resource with experienced harassment lawyers. With more than 30 services across the States, it provides trusted legal assistance. 


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