Has Bill O’Reilly’s Worth to Fox News Spared Him from Sexual Harassment Charges?

Things aren’t looking too shabby for Fox News network host Bill O’Reilly. It would seem five women have received settlements for accusations made claiming Bill O’Reilly sexually assaulted them.  While most sexual harassment allegations are viewed as serious and punishable matters, O’Reilly still holds his TV anchor position, although some of the companies using his airtime for ads has gone down. However, viewers continue to tune in to listen and learn from O’Reilly and those numbers have actually gone up.

When did the sexual harassment allegations begin?

  • In 2002, O’Reilly was accused of berating a producer in the newsroom but didn’t sexually harass her. He settled with her for an undisclosed amount for his inappropriate behavior.
  • In a 2004 lawsuit, O’Reilly paid out almost $9 million dollars to producer Andrea Mackris after she battled with him publicly regarding the sexual harassment claims.
  • In 2011, Fox Business network host Rebecca Diamond left the network as she was paid in secret by O’Reilly to leave. The network found out about this five years later.
  • In 2016, the parent company of Fox News settled two cases involving Lory Due, who received more than $1 million dollars and Juliet Huddy, who was paid $1.6 million.

According to the New York Times, Juliet Huddy, one of the “victims” of O’Reilly’s sexual harassment and an employee of Fox News “had said that Mr. O’Reilly pursued a sexual relationship with her in 2011, at a time he exerted significant influence over her career. When she rebuffed his advances, he tried to derail her career.” Huddy made allegations against Mr. O’Reilly through a letter sent to Fox News on behalf of her sexual harassment attorneys.
Wendy Walsh has now come forward with claims, although she isn’t looking for lawsuit money. According to ktla.com, Walsh wants to bring awareness to the situation and help create a “nontoxic work environment for her daughters and their generation.” Her recurring segment was scrapped and she believes it is because “she rebuffed his advances.”
When sexual harassment is occurring the workplace, it is common for an investigation to occur to determine if the allegations being made are legitimate. In these particular cases, O’Reilly must have had a knowledgeable sexual harassment lawyer advising him or he was able to use his money to bribe these women to walk away from the situation.
Why Did Fox News Provide a Settlement for Some of These Sexual Harassment Accusations?
ABC News shared footage from The View, where it was discussed that 21st First Century Fox paid out over $13 million dollars for lawsuits going back 15 years to five women.
Although O’Reilly stated he paid out the money for the lawsuits to spare his children, that can be debated. We have witnessed footage of our President himself before he took on the role of the leader of our country make lewd and sexually offensive remarks toward a woman. And look where that has taken him now. Whether O’Reilly is guilty or not, the issue for many is that these allegations were “discussed” with him yet no criminal action was taken.
How has O’Reilly managed to keep his position as TV anchor of his own show?
Based on data, O’ Reilly has brought the company a significant amount of money from his segment in ad revenue and perhaps that is the reason 21st Century Fox allows him to handle his personal matters while still keeping his job.
Joy Behar, a host on the television show The View, presented her concerns with the matter stating that O’Reilly is bringing “in the cash” which is why he is able to keep his job. We have to ask ourselves whether this is fair. After all, would an employee of a local grocer still be able to keep his job if he was accused of the same thing?
There is no doubt that being a TV star has its ups and downs. Many people attempt to make money off of those who are more vulnerable, however, none of the allegations seem to have went any further than a simple payout. Why these women didn’t hire a sexual harassment attorney is still up in the air, but perhaps they felt obligated to take the settlement to avoid any further issues.

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