Has ride sharing made the roads safer in Miccosukee and other cities?

Miccosukee, FL – Many Americans use ride sharing services on a regular basis for the convenience of not having to drive or own their own car. This has become a huge business that has essentially replaced taxi drivers and other forms of transportation. However, there are also problems with large amounts of ride sharing drivers spending hours on the roads each day. These drivers are involved in accidents regularly, and traffic has not necessarily been reduced in major cities in Florida and the rest of the U.S. People who are hurt during their ride have the option of filing a car accident lawsuit to receive compensation for their injuries and other losses. 

Research into drunk driving accidents

A main potential benefit of ride sharing is that people who have been using drugs or alcohol, those who are too tired, or people who are not driving for various other safety reasons will use a ride sharing service instead. However, the availability of ride sharing seems to not be a perfect solution to these issues and many of the same problems persist in most cities.

There is at least some research that suggests most drivers who choose to drive drunk will do so anyway, regardless of the availability of ride sharing. This is because people who are already intoxicated are much less likely to make rational decisions. Any major metropolitan area that has ride sharing available does not seem to necessarily experience less traffic fatalities due to drunk driving and other causes. 

Problems with ride sharing drivers

All of the major ride sharing companies have had incidents with various forms of misconduct or accidents that could have been avoided. Part of the reason for this problem is that ride sharing companies seem to have very loose requirements for who is hired as a driver, and they only seem to take action after a driver has caused problems. When a driver is engaged in taking passengers to a destination, the employer is technically liable for their actions through agency principles. This means that the ride sharing company will be sued due to the negligence of a driver

Compensation for accident victims

Anyone who is hurt during their ride can possibly be paid out through the large insurance policies that ride sharing services pay into. This includes the person’s medical and hospital bills, lost income and wages, 

More information from a local accident lawyer

Smith and Vanture is a law firm in Florida that helps people in Miccosukee and other cities in the state. Anyone who has recently been hurt in a ride sharing accident can contact them to learn more about civil accident lawsuits. 

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