Democrats have unveiled their new strategy for the coming months before the national election in November. Senior members of the party have decided that it is best to shift their focus away from investigations related to president Trump’s behavior towards more essential issues such as healthcare and jobs. Democrat members of the House of Representatives are especially concerned with preserving a majority of seats in the lower chamber of Congress this fall. 

Their focus may not entirely shift away from Trump immediately, as the party intends to pressure Attorney General Barr to look into Trump’s recent dealings with the Justice Department that may cause a conflict of interest. However, they no longer intend to issue a subpoena to require the appearance of Trump’s former national security adviser. 

Speaker Pelosi had addressed a number of lawmakers in various meetings and messages in the prior week. She repeatedly drilled the topic of healthcare, which has been an important national issue that remains unresolved for quite some time. A member of Congress who was present at one of the meetings also said that she pushed everyone in the room to do whatever it takes to get re-elected. 

Although Democrats still believe that there is plenty of room to attack Trump’s behavior, they feel that winning swing voters should be a priority now. This is especially true if Trump’s actions could push more moderate Americans away from him. They also seem to have conceded that an excessive focus on Trump’s misbehavior has not really hurt him in the polls or damaged his approval rating. Many conservatives and Republicans had accused the Democrats of focusing on investigations and impeachment at the expense of the country and average Americans. With Trump’s acquittal by the Senate at the end of the impeachment process in the prior weeks, House Democrats seem to have realized there is nothing else they can do in that regard. 

Representative Jeffries, a Democrat from New York, said that his behavior and unconstitutional actions should speak for themselves, even if members of the opposing party do not explicitly point them out. 

New budget highlights differences between the parties

In the two weeks since Trump’s acquittal, Pelosi has been developing a three pronged plan that she believes should appeal to many voters. This plan has been nicknamed “For the People,” and it focuses on eliminating political corruption, creating jobs, and making healthcare more affordable and widely available. A similar focus helped Democrats reclaim a number of seats in the house and a majority during the 2018 election. They also believe the unveiling of Trump’s budget in recent days should provide a stark contrast with their policies, which they believe will help the average American more than Republican ideas. Democrats highlighted how programs like food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, and student loans would be affected. They criticized the budget as an attack on working class Americans. 

A former adviser to President Obama, who has a background as an investment banker, advised Democrats about the shortcomings of Trump’s budget and ways to show these problems to voters. He claims that despite the strong economy, inequality has grown in America since Trump took office and most of the financial gain created in the last few years has gone to people who already had wealth stockpiled in various investments.  

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