Healthcare Workers in Florida Say Their COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Claims are Being Rejected

Many workers in Florida, including those who have been placed on the frontlines to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, are struggling to obtain workers’ compensation benefits after becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus, reports WUSF. This claim is supported by data that was collected by Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis’ office. WUSF cited that the data shows that as of July 31st, nearly 12,000 workers’ compensation claims were filed, “but more than 43% of “indemnity” claims were denied by insurers.”

Approximately 4,345 of the total amount of claims that were filed were submitted by protective service workers, 3,432 were filed by health care workers, and 2,897 were filed by individuals who classify themselves as service workers, or people who work in restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and other retailers. 

The source says 5,527 of the nearly 12,000 claims that were filed went through private insurance companies. Those insurers allegedly denied, or partially denied, close to 55% of the claims they received. Despite the risk these healthcare workers are taking to serve their community, they aren’t receiving the benefits they are entitled to in the event they get sick while at work.


Did you test positive for COVID-19 while working in Miami?


Was your workers’ compensation claim denied by your employer’s insurer?


The Florida workers’ compensation system aims to help individuals who become injured or ill while working afford the medical care they need so they are able to get better. Workers’ comp also pays an injured or ill worker a portion of their salary when they are unable to work for more than seven days. As helpful as workers’ comp insurance can be, there are many workers, particularly frontline workers, who are either being denied benefits or are having the benefits they were receiving cut short.

So, if your employer’s insurer is not providing you with the workers’ comp benefits you believe you are entitled to, the Miami, FL workers’ compensation lawyers at Mario Trespalacios P.A. may be able to help get your issue resolved. Typically, when an injured or ill worker does not receive the benefits they are entitled to or their employer’s insurer discontinues benefits, the worker can retain a Miami, FL workers’ compensation attorney who can explain what their next steps should be.

In some instances, once an attorney is brought on board, the issue might be resolved rather quickly. However, there are times when a workers’ comp insurance provider will refuse to pay benefits. Either way, it is always best that you have a workers’ comp lawyer working with you, bringing you one step closer to obtaining the benefits you are due. Now, if you are ready to connect with an attorney in the Miami area to receive assistance with your workers’ comp-related problem, contact Mario Trespalacios P.A. today.


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