Helicopter crash near New Orleans kills four oil workers

New Orleans, LA – There are various kinds of transportation accidents that happen all the time in the United States. Sometimes, these incidents can result in life changing injuries or fatalities. After such an incident, legal advice can be important to help determine the next course of action. This can include trying to get compensation for the problems caused by the business or transportation company. 

As reported by The Guardian, a helicopter crashed into the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana killing four people [1]. 

Multiple oil workers killed while being flown off of their rig

The U.S. Coast Guard came across the wreckage from the crash and found the remains of four individuals who are believed to be oil rig workers that needed to be transported by helicopter. One of the victims was identified as the helicopter pilot, while the other victims did offshore work for an oil company. One victim’s wife reported that he had just finished a two week shift and messaged her before the crash when he was going to be on break for the holidays.  

Following the reports of the crash, the Coast Guard needed to search an area that was 180 square miles during their search and rescue efforts. Their efforts were eventually called off when it appeared that no survivors would be found. Both the company responsible for the helicopter and the oil companies that the victims worked for will cooperate with the National Transportation Safety Board during a more thorough investigation. 

Ways that victims and their families are compensated

There are civil lawsuits available to victims and their families after an incident such as this. A personal injury case or wrongful death lawsuit are both ways to provide compensation for things like medical costs, lost income, and other financial losses that are directly tied to the accident. Compensation for pain and suffering is available as well to help victims and relatives recover from the trauma.

When the lawsuit is brought, there must be some kind of proof of negligence. This means the evidence must show a deviation from the standard of care expected of a reasonable person or business in the same situation. The lawsuit must also show some kind of actual damages or losses caused by the defendant’s behavior. 

Additional information about injury and wrongful death cases

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