Here are a few things that surprise parents during child custody cases in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY – Child custody cases contain a number of different issues. Most parents will want to be adequately prepared for this process to try to get as much custody time with their children as possible. However, not all aspects of the custody process are obvious or intuitive. It is helpful to review any potential oversights with a child custody lawyer in Brooklyn to get specific advice regarding preparation and other similar matters. 

A parent’s past can become a problem

Some parents have had issues with things like substance abuse, domestic violence, child neglect, criminal records, and financial instability. If a dispute over custody happens in court, the judge may be reluctant to award custody rights to parents who have had these kinds of problems. Especially if the person’s criminal history involved child abuse or neglect, they can possible lose all of their custody rights.  

There are more aspects to custody than where the child stays

Issues related to custody are divided into both physical custody and legal custody. While physical custody is based on where the child is staying and is fairly obvious, legal custody is equally as important. Legal custody is the term for decisions made about education, religion, healthcare, and other matters. Even when one parent has physical custody of the child, the other parent may still be responsible for choices that affect legal custody rights. 

Child custody settlements do not require court hearings

It is beneficial for both parents to try to negotiate for a custody arrangement that works for both of them without going to court. When the parents come to an agreement on a custody schedule, it can be approved by a judge and then it becomes legally binding. This is very cost effective as well, as time in court and legal fees for family attorneys can become significant expenses.   

Paternity tests can be ordered by a judge

If paternity is disputed, a judge can essentially force a person who may be relevant to the issue to take a paternity test. Once a petition is filed in the appropriate venue, the judge can require that the mother, child, and potential father all give DNA samples to attempt to clarify paternity. If the test is positive, the father can petition for custody rights, but they may also be required to make support payments as well.  

New York family lawyers

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