Here are rules related to child support in Brooklyn that are surprising

Brooklyn, NYChild support is a way for a child to grow up with sufficient financial support from two parents, even if there is split custody. These payments become a serious obligation that must be observed until the child reaches adulthood. However, there are also some rules related to child support under New York law that may not seem obvious or intuitive. Anyone who is having issues with their support payments should get legal advice as soon as possible to avoid fines and other more dire consequences. 

Parents with no custody rights or job can still be ordered to pay support

A parent who does not have any custody rights at all or time with their child in a parenting plan can still be ordered to pay support to the custodial parent. Even parents who are unemployed or in jail can potentially have to pay support as well. This is partially done as a way to avoid excuses for non-payment or catch parents who are looking for ways to dodge the support obligations. A person cannot simply remain unemployed or in a poor financial situation to try to inform the courts that they will not pay as required in an order. Parents who do this can face additional consequences. 

When custody time is split in half support may still be necessary

There are some cases where both parents have joint custody and essentially have the same amount of time with their children. While it seems like support would not be necessary in this situation because there is an equal opportunity to financially support the child, a judge can still order child support. This is normally done when one parent earns more than the other, although the specific support amount can change based on the situation in question. It is also unlikely that one parent would owe large payments in this scenario.  

Child support can be difficult to modify once an order is in place

Judges will only allow the support amount to be modified for a few different reasons once a valid order is in place. Things like changes in employment, serious medical or health problems, disabilities, and remarriage are some of the only acceptable reasons. 

A person who wants a modification in the amount will need to apply through the court and get an approval from the judge through a new order before they can start paying a different amount. 

New York child support lawyers

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