Here are some less known facts about drunk driving accidents in Yuma


Yuma, AZ – While everyone understands that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in Arizona and other states, there are some pieces of information about drunk driving crashes that are not generally known. It is helpful for anyone who drives to review this information, and understand their rights in case they ever need to bring a lawsuit. Attorneys near me can provide more specific advice and guidance after a crash with an intoxicated motorist.  

Drunk driving crashes are most likely to happen at night

The nighttime hours, especially the window of about midnight to a few hours afterward, tend to be the high point for intoxicated drivers to cause accidents and fatalities. There are a number of different reasons for this, but the most likely explanation is the amount of people leaving venues such as bars and nightclubs that close around this time. Although alternate means of transportation are available for people to get home, many people may mistakenly believe that they are okay to drive even after drinking or using drugs.

Blood alcohol levels can be difficult to control or to predict

There is no exact number of drinks that will put someone over the legal limit of .08 every time they consume alcohol. Things like body weight, how much the person has eaten, and their metabolism can all affect blood alcohol concentration. 

Drugs and alcohol can be a deadly combination

About one in five fatal drunk driving accidents involve a suspect who has both consumed alcohol and some kind of controlled substance. This can indicate that it is especially dangerous for a person to try to drive if they were using some combination of both illegal drugs and alcohol. 

A drunk driver can be sued in civil court

Even if a drunk driver is never convicted in criminal court or charged, they can still be sued by anyone who they hurt during an accident. A separate civil case brought by the victim can argue that the driver should have to pay for costs such as medical treatment, lost wages, and their pain and suffering. This is also a court system with a lower burden of proof, so a driver who was acquitted in criminal court may still be liable for compensation. 

Arizona accident attorneys

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