Phoenix, AZ – Parents will want to prepare adequately for their upcoming child custody hearings in various ways. This is best done with the assistance of the attorney who will be present with the parent in court. If preparation is not adequate, it is possible that the parent can be suddenly surprised with losing custody time through an unfavorable ruling, especially if the opposing parent is better prepared and more knowledgeable regarding this process.  

Having the right documents available

If a parent has invested significant time and money into things like healthcare, education, and other expenses, they should be able to prove this through documents and other evidence. This is crucial because the judge will want to attempt to maintain these relationships in their custody rulings to avoid disruption. Having such evidence available will help the parent argue for custody rights and possibly a majority of custody time if necessary. 

Presentation as a good parent

The judge will use a standard called the best interests of the child to make their custody determinations. This standard includes maintaining strong relationships with family members and minimizing disruptions such as changing schools or moving. One of the ways to meet this standard may be to award most or all of the custody time to the parent who is best able to provide and care for the child. On the other hand, parents with prior issues with crime, substance abuse, child abuse, or domestic violence charges may have difficult retaining custody rights, as a judge will be reluctant to believe that spending time with such a person can serve their best interests. This means that any parent going through a custody hearing should be able to present their past and present ability to be a good role model and maintain stability.

Knowing the specific aspects of state law

Although most states have similar child custody laws, parents in Arizona should discuss the specifics of state law that may affect their case with their lawyer. The attorney should also give an overview of unique aspects of the state’s custody procedures and laws. 

Trying for a settlement

Parents should know that it is possible for them to settle out of court with the other biological parent. If the two can come up with a complete custody plan on their own, it can be presented for court approval and become legally binding. Doing so will also likely save significant amounts of time and money. 

Assistance with custody hearings in Arizona

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