Here are the steps to file a workers compensation claim in Charleston

Charleston, SC – The workers compensation system is meant to assist people who have been injured on their job. The employer is required to pay into an insurance system that will provide funding to help pay medical treatment, a percentage of lost wages, and other costs related to the injury. However, before the worker will receive this kind of help, they must formally file a claim and have it approved. It is possible to get help from attorneys near me during this process and any appeals. 

Notifying the employer

The worker should tell their employer about the incident as soon as possible after they have been hurt. This will put them on notice and start the claim process. The person will likely also need to provide details about what happened and where they were when the accident took place. Part of the reason for this is that the workers compensation system only applies when someone is hurt while on the job, and things like a commute to work are generally not covered. A claim is also generally denied if the person was engaged in any kind of misconduct or criminal activity when they were hurt. The employer is almost always required to pay into the state’s workers compensation system unless they have a very small number of employees. 

Delays and other issues

It is possible that the employer does not report the incident to the state workers compensation commission as required. If this happens, the worker or their attorney can report directly to a commissioner employed by the government for this purpose. There may be a hearing or other matters related to the claim. 

Medical examinations

As part of the claim process, the victim will need to be examined by an independent doctor retained by the employer’s insurance company. This is done to prevent faked injuries, insurance fraud, and ensure that the person’s ability to work is actually affected. If the worker has suffered from a legitimate injury on the job, they should not have much to worry about at this time, and they answer questions honestly. 

Time limits are crucial

Workers should also be aware of the fact that there are time limits to bring claims after the incident. If the person waits too long, they may lose their eligibility for any kind of benefits. In South Carolina, this time limit is set at ninety days. 

Workers compensation attorneys in South Carolina

The Clekis Law Firm works with people who have been injured on the job in the Charleston area. Anyone who needs additional advice about the claim process can meet with their attorneys to learn more. 

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