Here is what courts in Brusly do when an accident involves multiple drivers

Brusly, LA – Not every car accident lawsuit is as simple as a two car crash where one driver was at fault and the other was not. Many crashes involve three or more vehicles, and this can create a number of different issues regarding insurance claims, the accident investigation, and negligence lawsuits. If the accident does result in legal action, a system of negligence that allows for fault to be divided will be utilized to determine compensation. Because this can become a complex matter, it is best for anyone who has been harmed in such a crash to get legal advice.

Dividing fault in an accident

Louisiana uses a system of negligence in accident cases called comparative negligence. This is sometimes also called the pure comparative negligence rule, where all fault for the accident is divided between everyone involved to equal one hundred percent. Under this system, even drivers who are partially or mostly at fault for the crash can attempt to sue. If they are successful, any compensation paid out to them will be reduced by their level of fault. This can be favorable to some accident victims, as many other states do not allow drivers who were partially or mostly at fault to collect any compensation for their injuries

How does a jury know what percentage of fault to assign?

Whether a case goes to trial or there are settlement negotiations, the evidence is important in determining fault. Things like traffic violations, distracted driving, drunk driving, and other mistakes on the road are relevant in coming up with a percentage of fault that coincides with the driver’s actions. When there is clear evidence of a violation, it is likely that most or all of the fault will be assigned to the driver responsible for the infraction.

In most cases, these points will be argued by attorneys for each driver at settlement negotiations, as trials have become quite rare due to the additional time, expense, and the risk of loss. This is why it is so important for accident victims to retain a lawyer with specific experience in these kinds of settlement talks. 

Damages available for each party

The total amount of damages an injured driver will receive include their medical treatment costs and other healthcare expenses, lost income and wages, as well as non-economic compensation for pain and suffering. The victim can use things like medical bills and wage statements to prove these losses. 

Injury attorneys in Brusly

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a firm that works with accident victims in Brusly and other parts of Louisiana. Their attorneys are able to answer any questions about the process to receive compensation through a civil lawsuit.

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Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf

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