With epicenters littered across the state, Maine sees earthquakes just as much as San Francisco California does. While the magnitude of these quakes is mostly around two or less, the possibility of a larger earthquake can not be ruled out. Therefore, it is prudent for the state residents to be prepared and have a Dexter insurance lawyer handy. 

While it takes an earthquake with a magnitude of or above 5 to cause severe structural damage, a smaller quake can cause damage to weaker structures. Therefore, insuring a house for such a natural calamity is a reasonable decision. In the aftermath of an earthquake and the resulting damage, many homeowners think they can claim the insurance payout by themselves. However, they don’t realize the true value of an insurance attorney. 

When homeowners apply for an insurance claim, their insurers appoint an adjuster to evaluate the damage and the payment. These agents know from experience just how vulnerable the claimants can be in the aftermath of a calamity. Therefore, they try to hurry the settlement process and have homeowners quickly agree and sign the final form with a not-so-rightful compensation. This is where Dexter insurance attorneys can help. 

One of the first things an insurance lawyer would do is find a reliable expert who can evaluate the extent of damage caused by the earthquake and estimated insurance amount. This helps the homeowners because an adjuster will always think about the insurance company’s interests, but an attorney will put his clients first. On the basis of this record, the lawyer will be able to negotiate with the insurance company.

Furthermore, Dexter insurance lawyers can help homeowners go through their insurance policy contract to understand the categories of coverage and the conditions in which the claim can be made. This section of the policy is rampant with technicalities that may fly over the heads of a layman. However, an experienced attorney can understand the terms better and explain the same over a free consultation. 

Thereafter if the need arises, they negotiate with the insurers, who have denied the claim or tried settling with a lower amount. If the negotiation goes sideways or is unfavorable to the claimants, insurance attorneys will file a claim denial lawsuit to ensure that their clients get the rightful compensation. Furthermore, they would encourage homeowners to keep a record of all the purchases that followed the claimed damage, including alternative boarding and repair expenses. 

To stand up against an insurer for the deserved payout, homeowners need lawyers they can trust. USAttorneys.com helps with just that. Their exclusive portal makes finding the best insurance lawyers easy and convenient. Moreover, one can find legal help for their other cases, including a personal injury lawsuit. 


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