Amusement parks are designed to provide individuals with a thrilling yet enjoyable experience. But it was nothing of the sort for 14-year-old Tyre Sampson. On Thursday evening, Sampson and friends from his football team visited ICON Park, an amusement park located in Orlando, Florida. The teen had come into town from Missouri.

After being turned away from various rides for his large stature (he was 6-foot-5-inches tall, 340 pounds), Sampson was finally given the green light to enter the Orlando Free Fall ride (1). The ride, which currently holds the title of the “world’s tallest free-standing drop tower,” slowly rises 430 feet in the air, leans riders 30 degrees forward, and then drops at 75 mph.

After the ride had dropped and began to brake, “Tyre seemed to slip out of his seat,” reports USA Today. Several witness accounts have been recorded, some suggesting Sampson was still breathing after hitting the ground. The teen reportedly fell on his stomach and appeared to have broken his arms and legs, sources report.

After being rushed to the hospital, Sampson was pronounced dead.


Sampson’s father shares his son’s last few words before falling to his death on Orlando ICON ride


After the tragic incident began making headlines, Sampson’s father, Yarnell reportedly spoke with WOFL, sharing with the source his son’s last few words (2). Yarnell stated that while the ride was going up, his son had said to his friend, “I don’t know man. If I don’t make it down, please tell my Mom and Daddy I love them.”

Sampson’s father believes his son knew something was wrong and his last words confirm it. Additionally, Sampson’s “description of his son’s fear matched what a woman told a 911 operator.” Apparently, a woman had called 911 to report that the teen had not been properly secured in his seat before he slipped out.


Parents of 14-year-old who fell from Orlando ICON Park ride retain attorney Ben Crump


While the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has already begun investigating the matter along with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, Sampson’s family has also elected to hire an attorney of their own. Multiple sources have reported that Sampson’s family has retained two personal injury lawyers–Ben Crump and Bob Hilliard.

Sampson’s parents are looking to obtain answers that can help them understand why their teen son is no longer here today. In the meantime, the ride shall be closed indefinitely. 


When tragedy strikes, a personal injury lawyer can help


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