Hiring a Business Law Attorney in Skytop, Florida to Negotiate a Contract

Skytop, FL—A contract is an agreement that is formed between two or more parties that generally centers around business or employment. Contracts are legally binding agreements and the terms outlined in them can be negotiated prior to them being signed. A Skytop, FL business law attorney is someone who can help a business owner negotiate the terms of a contract to ensure it is in their best interest to sign.


Negotiating the terms of a contract


When a business owner in Florida is looking to establish a business arrangement with another business or individual, a contract can be used to safeguard themselves from issues down the road. The contract should outline how much the party is going to be spending or receiving, the obligations they are willing to commit to, and what will happen if a breach of contract occurs.

These factors serve as the basis or starting point of a contract. Once the terms of the contract are outlined, a business owner can negotiate with the other party if they believe something needs to be modified.

Here’s an example of when it would benefit a business owner to have a FL business law attorney help them negotiate the terms of a contract:

A small business owner is looking to lease a commercial space in a shopping center. They find one in the ideal location, but the rent is a bit over budget and the lease term is too long. They meet with the leasing company and their business lawyer together to negotiate the price and lease term.

Because the small business owner realizes their particular location is located on the slower end of the shopping center, they ask that the rent be lowered. They also ask for a two-year lease rather than three simply because they want to test the market and see whether their business is able to sustain itself in that area.

With the help of their business law lawyer, they are able to reach an agreement with the leasing company regarding the rent and lease term.


How will a business law attorney help with contract negotiations?


While a business owner can certainly attempt to negotiate the terms of a contract on their own, having a lawyer present and actively defending their requests only helps to get the deal done quicker. A Skytop, FL business lawyer can help justify their client’s requests and even review the contract to ensure all terms reflect the outcome of the negotiation.

If a business owner would like help negotiating a contract, whether it involves renting a commercial space or hiring a company to perform services, the lawyers at Legal Counsel P.A. are more than qualified to help and can be reached at 407-395-2653.


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