Hotel workers have had enough when it comes to being sexually harassed and being mistreated and many have joined together to take a stand against it. While it may sound odd to think that hotel employees find themselves put in uncomfortable situations leading to sexual harassment, these instances actually occur more than you might imagine. Unite Here Local has formed together to demand that large cities such as New York City, Chicago, Seattle, and D.C. do more to protect hotel workers from sexual harassment.
Hotel maids are yet another field of employment to add to the list where sexual harassment is a common occurrence.

How Do These Sexual Harassment Cases Come About?

Picture a maid working in a busy New York City hotel, constantly providing their services to those who are among the wealthiest in the state. New York City attracts many types of individuals and the hotels house some of the richest people in the country. Many hotel maids, predominately women, are left alone on an entire floor to clean each and every room. And as the process goes, when it comes time to clean your room, they will knock, and wait for a response. After several attempts to identify if someone is the room, a man opens the door in a robe, naked. According to People’s World, this actually happens, and on a frequent basis.
Unfortunately, many workers have stated that they are afraid of reporting the sexual harassment as they worry they will lose their jobs. Others just walk away from the situation, frustrated and upset. One hotel worker claimed she was invited into several guests’ rooms where they were either naked or masturbating. She said he just walks away.
In another case that occurred about six years ago, a hotel maid working in Manhattan claimed she was sexually assaulted by Dominique Strauss-Kahn. At the time, he was the head of the International Monetary Fund and a leading contender for the French presidency so clearly he had some status. These accusations led to some investigation, however, the charges that were filed against him were eventually dropped.
So, what can you do to fight back against sexual harassment in the workplace? Hire a reputable New York City sexual harassment attorney. While support groups and other union-organized groups work to combat this abuse, the featured sexual harassment lawyers found on can represent your case, helping your gather credible evidence that can recognize the person or company for the sexual harassment you have had to endure.

How Often Are Hotel Maids Sexually Harassed?

A Local I survey was issued last July involving 500 women from Chicago hotels that revealed just how often these incidents occur. Chicago is yet another large city that attracts many travelers and even residents so it is comparable to the caliber of people who stay in a New York City hotel.  According to the data, 58% of hotel maids said they were sexually harassed while on the job and 77% of those who worked in the casinos claimed they were sexually harassed as well.
It would appear that the issue has gone unnoticed for far too long but maids everywhere are seeking change. Some hotels have adopted the “panic button” for maids to carry around, however, more hotels should consider implementing it to help prevent their workers from becoming a victim to sexual harassment.
If you are ever put in an uncomfortable situation by an employer or even a co-worker and you believe it could be viewed as sexual harassment, contact one of our local New York City sexual harassment attorneys today to further discuss your issue.

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