Workers at a daycare center in Houston were fighting to try to get paychecks that were outstanding for some length of time. 

Daycare center employees are not paid by a woman with a history of failed businesses

The owner of the center called the Children’s Arena on the southwest side of Houston seemed to have disappeared. There were calls from former employees, as well as media organizations that tried to get involved and help them. This was ongoing for approximately three additional weeks after the money was owed at the time of the news report. Some workers are now being threatened with evictions or having their utilities cut off. 

There were previous disputes related to outstanding wages between the owner and employees as well. At some point in the past, some employees received checks in the mail that could not be cashed because the owner’s account had a negative balance. 

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services confirmed that the owner is licensed and has owned several daycare centers in the state in the past. Records showed that her two other centers had been closed for unknown reasons, and they were not forced closures by the state. There were even inspectors that had showed up at one of these centers for a regular check on the business, who found that it was closed and they were never notified of the closure. 

A former employee noticed some severe staffing issues as soon as she started working at the center. She was asked to begin working immediately after her interview and noticed only one other woman watching a large group of children. The situation was so bad that the workers were not allowed to take breaks at all and they did not receive extra pay for working longer hours or through scheduled breaks. Some also claim that there was no running water in buildings and food that was given to children was expired. 

The employees were paid only slightly more than minimum wage and did not get complete statements regarding how much tax was withheld. Some employees have already reported their problems to the Texas Workforce Commission. 

Unpaid wages and inaccurate records

If an employer is not paying a worker properly, or not keeping accurate records of things like the number of hours worked and the amount of tax withheld, this is illegal. Victims can report this kind of behavior to a local government agency that handles employment disputes and also contact their own attorney for representation.  

Talk to an employment attorney during a consultation

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