Houston dentist is sued and closes practice after several botched procedures

A medical practice of any kind can fall apart quickly when it becomes known that a doctor is responsible for multiple injuries. 

A dentist in the Houston area was forced to declare bankruptcy after a medical malpractice lawsuit

Wave of dental malpractice leaves several victims who brought individual cases 

The dentist in question was sued by several former patients for various acts of malpractice. One involved a 2015 incident where a young man was in pain during a standard procedure. A later examination determined that there was permanent damage to his teeth. The practice was in the League City area, and it was known as Lakes Dental Center. 

The lawsuit was filed in the District Court in Galveston. Several other plaintiffs in similar situations joined the lawsuit after hearing about this incident. They each told their own stories of problems after visiting this dentist, including permanent damage to their teeth and mouth area. After the filings, the dentist’s phone line was disconnected and the business facebook page was taken down. She also declared bankruptcy and filed in the court for the Southern District of Texas. Her practice was apparently struggling even before the cases were filed, but she will have temporary protection from most creditors as the bankruptcy proceeding moves forward. 

The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners set up an investigatory board that would allow the victims to submit information and recommend disciplinary actions. Most of the complaints were scheduled to be settled in private with the person who filed. However, there would be an opportunity for anyone affected to make presentations to the board as well and present their own evidence and allegations. 

This process did receive some criticism as being insufficient. If the board sides with the victim, the dentist is allowed to appeal the decision, yet if they side with the dentist the inquiry ends and no further remedy is available.

Because of the insufficiency of this administrative process, it is recommended to retain a lawyer and file a civil malpractice case to receive compensation for serious injuries

Malpractice claims against various kinds of medical professionals

All doctors and dentists are regulated in the manner that they interact with their patients and the public. They cannot maintain a license to practice while inflicting harm on people through mistakes or intentional acts during sensitive procedures. Any kind of malpractice not only violates professional standards, but it can become the grounds for a civil action against the doctor or practice responsible. 

Attorneys in your area can bring a case against a medical practice

There are attorneys in the Houston area who handle various kinds of medical malpractice issues. To learn more about the possibility of bringing a civil lawsuit, contact:

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