The state of Texas Medical Board has issued a warning to doctors who are promoting unproven cures during the coronavirus pandemic. Treatments that result in additional medical problems or death can become the basis for a civil malpractice lawsuit. 

Doctors cautioned about using fringe forms of treatment during the pandemic

One of the most vocal proponents of Hydroxychloroquine in recent weeks has been Dr. Stella Emmanuel. She has been licensed for several years in Louisiana and Texas, without any formal complaints in her record. However, she was previously sued in January of 2020 by the family of a woman who had died under her care in 2019. The case filed by the plaintiff alleged that Emmanuel had failed to notice a methamphetamine needle in the victim’s arm, which caused a flesh eating disease.  

She had said during a news conference that she had given the drug to over 400 coronavirus patients with varying severity in their symptoms, and all were cured without any side effects. The conference was quickly taken down from all social media platforms after being widely shared, and various outlets reported on negative items from the doctor’s past. Another doctor in the Houston area had also given the drug to about 35 patients in a nursing home setting, and claimed that it worked. 

Hydroxychloroquine remains the most controversial drug during the coronavirus pandemic, due to the fact that many doctors have claimed it is an effective and safe cure for COVID-19, while the media and several other high profile public health officials have consistently doubted its effectiveness and spoken about serious side effects. 

The Texas Medical Board issued a statement that said the coronavirus pandemic is still a new phenomenon, and that there are no known effective treatments at this point in time. They also cautioned doctors who might share any kind of misinformation or promote any drugs as a miracle cure. They sternly reminded doctors that full disclosure is required before beginning any course of treatment.  

Treatments that are likely to result in harm or death

Certain treatments have remained controversial if there is a serious risk of side effects, injury, or death. When a doctor provides an unproven or dangerous course of treatment despite these potential problems, the patient can file a malpractice lawsuit if they are harmed in any way. Some lawyers spend their entire careers investigating these kinds of incidents and bringing civil cases against problematic doctors. 

Speak with a local lawyer after a doctor has made a mistake

Medical malpractice lawsuits may surge due to the number of people being treated during the coronavirus pandemic. To get more information from an attorney who is licensed in Texas and practices in Houston, contact: 

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