Human trafficking is a very serious crime that has gained national attention in recent years. More resources than ever are being devoted to assisting women who are victims, and law enforcement is involved in continued efforts to arrest perpetrators responsible for these crimes. 

Local news for Houston reported on the arrest of a human trafficking suspect who had forced numerous women into prostitution. 

Male suspect had forced several women into sex work and physically abused them

Police believe that the 27 year old male had forced at least ten women to sell sex in hotel rooms and on street corners. Some of his victims worked in the Houston area, but police believe that he has engaged in similar crimes in various parts of both Texas and the rest of the United States. He will be charged with multiple felonies for these actions by the Houston Police Department and the local District Attorney’s office. Testimony from the victims will be considered in sentencing and prosecuting the suspect. 

One of the more egregious actions of the suspect was to physically and verbally abuse the woman if they did not earn at least $1500 per day. This is a standard tactic used by many pimps to encourage their trafficking victims to make more money. 

Some of the victims confessed that they were beaten, strangled, their children were threatened, and one woman was even run over by the suspect’s car. Eventually, a victim decided to call the police despite the fact that she knew the suspect would likely retaliate. 

A human trafficking expert from Precinct 1 in Houston and a local prosecutor spoke with the local news about these kinds of incidents. They are attempting to crack down on pimps and traffickers by charging them with more serious crimes, rather than focusing on women engaged in acts of soliciting prostitution. Their work is focused on rescuing women who are victims, while prosecuting the men who mastermind these large scale trafficking operations.

Assisting victims of human trafficking

It is important for victims to realize that there are various resources available to help them. Aside from protecting them from their former abusers, victims can be given shelter and necessities by various organizations as they transition back into their normal lives. There are also a number of different legal remedies available to give them financial assistance through civil lawsuits against the person or group responsible for their situation. 

Get help from a local attorney who handles human trafficking cases

Victims of traffickers can contact a lawyer to bring a civil lawsuit against the person responsible for harming them, even if the state has brought related criminal charges against the suspect. To learn more about this process, contact:

Blizzard Law, PLLC

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