Houston surgeon loses his license after a series of failed procedures

When a doctor is trusted to perform surgery on a patient, they are given a serious responsibility because they literally have another person’s life in their hands. However, some doctors take advantage of this situation and cause serious harm. 

A surgeon in Houston, Texas was dealing with lawsuits and other issues after a number of botched surgeries

Patients discover their plastic surgeon has a long history of malpractice

The plastic surgeon has gained infamy in the Texas area for a number of breast implant procedures that were performed in the 1980s and 90s. Many of his former patients had found that the outer layer of the implants ruptured, which caused serious problems. He initially tried to dismiss their concerns by saying that these problems are common and nothing to worry about, but as people with similar problems got second opinions from different doctors, they realized that something was seriously wrong. 

One woman who had previously had issues with the surgeon found his mugshot and an article about him losing his medical license in a magazine in the early 2000s. He had a number of sanctions from regulatory boards that caused the suspension of his license, and there were lawsuits against him which were settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Another certified plastic surgeon found that the implants used by the doctor looked strange, and were probably cheap ones sent from another country. Many had also been leaking for years and were covered in some kind of tar like substance. 

Experts advise that anyone who experiences consistent pain after plastic surgery should get checked by another doctor.

The reality of malpractice

Even though most people think of their doctor as an upstanding professional, medical malpractice regularly happens with disastrous results. A doctor’s malpractice can result in life changing problems, along with the need for additional expensive medical treatments. A civil lawsuit is the best way to cover these costs and make sure the doctor is disciplined for their actions. A victim can file a civil lawsuit whether or not the local government brings criminal charges against a serious offender. 

Accidents that result in death

Due to the sensitive nature of surgeries, it is also possible that someone may die due to a doctor’s negligence or mistakes. When this happens, the family of the victim should contact a wrongful death lawyer to file a lawsuit immediately and find out which family members are eligible to bring the action under Texas law. These civil cases can help the family pay for expenses such as funeral and burial services, as well as receive a damage award related to the victim’s future lost wages.

Get legal help after problems with a doctor

There are lawyers in your area who handle civil cases related to medical malpractice and wrongful death. To speak with an attorney in Houston, find one through the directory on USAttorneys.com


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