Local news for Houston, Texas reported on a case of veterinary malpractice that involved Texas A&M University’s veterinary medicine department.

Woman notices her horse declining in health after a simple treatment gone wrong

The plaintiff lives in Cypress, Texas, and she says that her horse came out of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in worse shape than it went in. The horse had to be euthanized a couple of years after the problematic surgery. 

She claims that she had raised the horse on a farm in Cypress, and it was initially taken to a vet because of a simple sore hoof. The animal started to have other health problems afterward, and there was a non stop series of issues that began after that initial vet visit. The horse was only five months old when it was first taken to the vet, and it did not seem to exhibit any other health problems. 

The plaintiff took the horse to the facility at Texas A&M University because of the school’s good reputation, especially for veterinary medicine. The first doctor recommended a treatment regimen that was based on finding two fractures in the injured foot. The horse wore orthopedic shoes for some time afterward. However, the plaintiff was confused because the animal did seem to be able to walk without any kind of assistance at the time. 

After the horse seemed to have much lower energy levels and a changed demeanor, the plaintiff took the animal back for a second visit. By the third time she went back, the horse was barely able to walk at all and seemed to have all kinds of new health problems. They prescribed pain killers and started to assist the horse with basic movements like walking and standing up. The plaintiff says that the horse was clearly in pain, and she recorded videos of the animal’s stunted movements. X-rays at this time showed that the horse had also developed a fractured pelvis somehow, which led to more mobility issues. 

The owner had already spent thousands of dollars on treatment by this time, and the Texas Board of Veterinary Medicine opened an investigation into the alleged misconduct. The horse was euthanized a few months later.

Medical malpractice and lawsuits

When any kind of doctor makes a mistake that results in further injuries, improper treatment, health complications, or even death, they can be sued for malpractice. The damages will be related to the amount of money it costs to correct the problem, along with related losses such as missed time from work for treatment.

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