Houston workers should make sure all unpaid wages are settled after a recent layoff

Workers often have to fight to get all of the money that they are rightfully owed from a former employer. The civil law offers a number of ways for victims to bring unpaid wage claims against their employers. 

A Houston billionaire caused controversy when he announced the layoffs of thousands of workers. 

Wealthy business owner sheds thousands of workers at once

Tilman Fertitta is known as one of the wealthiest men in the state of Texas, and his assets include the Houston Rockets NBA franchise and a number of local restaurants. With over $4 billion in assets, he is considered to be in the top 50 wealthiest individuals in the world. 

He admitted that he laid off over 40,000 workers as a way of helping them get their unemployment benefits more quickly. 

Fertitta claimed that based on his experience with the recessions of 1987, 2000, and 2008, it is most efficient to simply lay workers off and then have them first in line to receive unemployment benefits along with severance pay. 

He also said that the responses to the coronavirus outbreak were “unimaginable.” He had to lay off workers from casinos, sports teams, aquariums, and amusement parks. When asked about his expenses, and whether the move was necessary, he said that his payroll expenses alone are in excess of $1 billion per year. Fertitta added that companies routinely need to pay outstanding bills and obligations with current funds. This can quickly put a business in a dire situation if they have an emergency or are suddenly forced to shut down. 

Near the conclusion of the interview, he expressed concerns that the forced shutdowns caused by the coronavirus outbreak may have been premature. He said that he hopes the country will begin to operate as normal as soon as possible. 

Getting access to owed wages immediately

When a person suddenly finds that they are unemployed, this can be an extremely difficult time. However, the best response is to get legal from an employment attorney to ensure that all wages are paid properly before the government begins to issue unemployment benefits as required. For many people, these sources of financial help are their only means of survival after a job loss, so it becomes imperative to get access to funding as soon as possible. 

Workers should keep their own records of the number of hours they work each will along with pay stubs and other forms of evidence that can help demonstrate their pay rate and all wages that should be paid by an employer. 

Speak with a legal professional about unemployment issues

There are attorneys in the Houston area who focus their practice on assisting those with financial hardships created by recent unemployment or unpaid wages. To get assistance, contact: 

Moore & Associates

440 Louisiana Street, Suite 675, Houston, TX 77002



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