How are damages for pain and suffering calculated in Williamsburg County?

Williamsburg County, SC – When a person is involved in an accident, they have the right to bring a civil lawsuit that asks for various kinds of compensation as a remedy. These forms of compensation, also known as damages, are divided into three categories. These are non-economic damages, punitive damages, and economic damages. The general purpose of compensation through damages is to try to attempt to put the victim in the situation they occupied before the incident. 

The non-economic compensation for pain and suffering leaves attorneys the most room to argue, as they are not necessarily tied to any specific number. 

What are pain and suffering damages?

Economic damages are based on losses that an accident victim can show through tangible things like medical bills and wage statements. However, non-economic compensation for pain and suffering can be more difficult to calculate or prove in court, as there is no specific value that can be tied to a person’s physical pain and emotional problems caused by an accident. The lawyer can essentially talk to the jury about issues such as the person’s quality of life, their mental state, and any kind of pain that was caused by their injuries and other losses. Under South Carolina law, there are no damage caps or limits on damages for pain and suffering, which means that the victim’s attorney can ask for any amount that they consider necessary. 

How the plaintiff arrives at a number

The type of things that can assist with the calculation of pain and suffering include statements from doctors, family members, showing what kinds of medication the person needs, explaining disfigurement or disabilities and how they affect the person, and any drastic lifestyle changes that were due to the injury. If the person’s injury has a particular effect on their career or ability to earn a living, this may be considered as well. 

Some attorneys may argue that this requires at least as much compensation as they need for economic damages, however it is also possible that the attorney may ask the jury to multiply the amount for economic compensation several times to arrive at a number for pain and suffering. The law in South Carolina does not give any exact guidance regarding how the victim must ask for these types of compensation. However, people with very serious or life changing injuries should generally expect to ask for larger amounts. 

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