How are drivers supposed to utilize their turn signals in Connecticut?

New London, CT – All cars are equipped with turn signals that should be used when a driver is about to change lanes or turn left or right. Most states have made it mandatory for drivers to use these signals at certain times for safety reasons and to minimize the possibility of motor vehicle accidents. Signals are the best way for drivers to give notice of an upcoming movement that could affect nearby traffic. 

State turn signal laws for all vehicular traffic and cyclists

The turn signal law says the signal should be used to show the driver’s intended movement for at least one hundred feet before turning or changing lanes. The driver is also supposed to check that the movement can be made safely before changing direction or lanes. Drivers are also supposed to signal to the rear if they are stopping or making a sudden decrease in speed. This is normally done automatically on most cars by brake lights.  

Violations of turn signal laws give police officers the authority to issue a citation to the driver. They will have to pay a fine when appearing in court at a later time. Multiple traffic violations in a relatively short time period may result in a license suspension.

The law even covers hand signals for vehicles that lack turn signal lights or bicycles. The state’s statute indicates what hand movements should be used to signal right or left turns and stopping. 

Failure to signal and negligence

Anyone who does not use their turn signal and causes an accident may be served with a negligence lawsuit. This type of case says that the defendant breached their duty of care on the roads and caused a collision. Failure to use a signal can be considered strong evidence of negligence, and activate the doctrine of negligence per se. However, in a civil lawsuit related to a car crash, the jury still has the ultimate decision regarding fault and other important issues. If the defendant is found to be at fault in a negligence case, they will have to pay for all of the plaintiff’s losses due to medical treatment, missed time from work, and property repairs. 

Negligence is a broad and complex area of civil law, so anyone who wants to file a case against another driver should seek legal counsel first. 

Assistance from accident attorneys

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