Broken ribs are a common type of injury that is often suffered in falls, car crashes, and high-impact sports.1Although some rib fractures aren’t as severe as others, such as a cracked rib, all can be painful and dangerous if not properly treated. The Mayo Clinic says ribs that have been broken into pieces can cause damage to major blood vessels or organs if a “jagged edge” pierces it.

While some fractured ribs can heal on their own and within six weeks, says the Mayo Clinic, the timeline it takes for a broken rib to fully heal will depend on how serious it is and whether the individual is following their doctor’s recommendations.


What types of treatment are rendered when a car crash victim suffers a broken rib?


Treatment for a broken rib will vary from person to person. Some of the types of treatment that may be rendered depending on a person’s condition include2:


  1. Medication. In order to provide a patient with relief, medication may be prescribed or administered. Because an individual is at risk of developing pneumonia after suffering a broken rib as they are less likely to be able to take deep breaths, physicians often prescribe medication or recommend a patient receive an injection to provide “long-lasting anesthesia around the nerves that supply the ribs.”


  1. Therapy. Another form of treatment that may be rendered after an individual has suffered a broken rib is therapy. The Mayo Clinic says doctors may recommend that a patient perform breathing exercises that help with deeper breathing.


Can a car accident victim recover compensation for a fractured rib?


Fractured ribs are generally compensable. If an individual was involved in a car accident that wasn’t their fault, they may be entitled to recover compensation from their personal injury protection (PIP) policy as well as from the other driver’s insurance policy if their benefits become exhausted. A personal injury lawsuit can also be filed if a victim’s medical expenses and other accident-related costs amount to more than what the insurer is obligated to pay.


How can a car accident victim find out how much their fractured rib claim is worth?


If an individual wants to receive an estimate for how much they should receive from their insurer or the other party for their fractured rib, they can contact a Fort Walton Beach, FL accident lawyer. A FL accident attorney can review medical bills, medical notes, and more to determine what a victim’s claim might be worth and the steps they should consider taking to recover this amount.

Car crash victims can contact Browning Law Firm if they would like their case evaluated by an experienced Fort Walton Beach, FL accident attorney.


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