How are property owners held responsible for injuries that occur in their buildings in Iowa?

Iowa City, IA – One of the most common types of accidents that happen in Iowa and other states is when a person is hurt while on the property of some kind of business. These are commonly referred to as slip and fall accidents, but the victim does not necessarily have to fall. Regardless of the manner in which the victim was hurt, they can be compensated for their injuries if they bring a lawsuit against the property or business owner. Anyone who has been hurt and is considering a premises liability lawsuit should contact a local injury attorney for specific information. 

Premises liability

Premises liability is the area of the law that deals with injuries caused by negligently maintained property. The imposes a duty on all people to engage with various activities with a certain amount of care. This is true for driving on the roads, keeping a property free of obstacles and clear for guests, and people or businesses that engage in certain dangerous activities also must be careful to not harm the public. Property owners who cause injuries due to negligently maintained land, buildings, or parking lots can face a civil lawsuit. 

Negligence laws

The property owner may be served with a negligence case that addresses specific issues related to the owner’s behavior and the plaintiff’s injuries. This doctrine says that the relevant standard of care was violated, and that this breach of the standard of care was the cause of various kinds of losses and injuries. Evidence is used to show how the elements are met and what specific losses were sustained by the plaintiff. This can normally include pictures or video of the area where the incident happened, maintenance and cleaning records for the property, testimony of witnesses, and documentation to prove the severity of the victim’s injuries. Even something like the weather can be relevant if things like rain, snow, and water created hazards on the property that were not addressed. 

Compensation for the victim

The amount paid out to the victim after a settlement or jury verdict can vary based on a number of different factors. This includes how badly the person was hurt, and relevant medical bills, the amount of time the victim missed from work, and how long it takes the person to recover. Generally speaking, the defendant will have to pay a larger amount if the plaintiff was seriously hurt. 

Meeting with a local injury lawyer

Eells and Tronvold is a firm that helps people with various kinds of injuries in the state of Iowa. Their attorneys can provide advice about bringing a lawsuit and related matters. 

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