How badly does an accident victim need to be injured to bring a lawsuit in Modeste?

Modeste, LA – The decision to take formal legal action against a person or business that caused injuries can be a complex one. There are a number of different factors that need to be considered by anyone who is serious about bringing a civil case for compensation. Generally speaking, victims need to prove tangible losses in their process of asking for money for economic losses from the defendant. 

However, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to deciding to bring an accident lawsuit. This decision needs to be made with the advice of a local, licensed attorney who is familiar with the local courts and laws. However, there are some general guiding principles about how accident lawsuits work and who are the best candidates to take formal legal action after they have been injured.

The severity of the injuries

When someone experiences minor or minimal damage to their body, it may be best to resolve the situation through the insurance claim process. The time and effort needed to bring a lawsuit over a fairly minor accident may not be worth it in many cases. However, in situations where a person is seriously or permanently injured, their medical bills can be very significant and run into the thousands or millions of dollars. It is doubtful that most people would be able to afford this kind of medical treatment without resorting to a personal injury lawsuit. Additional medical costs that will be required in the future can become the responsibility of the defendant as well if the plaintiff’s lawsuit is successful. 

The victim’s ability to work

Another significant part of damages is related to the victim’s lost income and their ability to work in the future. Someone who misses long periods of time away from their job may have significant financial losses, especially if their ability to work in the future is affected by their injuries or a long term disability. Civil negligence cases have the ability to ask for the defendant to pay for future projected losses as well, due to the fact that injuries may affect the victim’s financial situation for a long time to come through increased healthcare costs. In cases where the victim cannot work for a long period of time while they recover, future projected losses to their income and earning potential may become the largest part of damages.  

More information from a local attorney in Louisiana

There are attorneys in Modeste who can provide more information about the process to bring an accident lawsuit. Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is a trusted firm that helps local clients with various kinds of injury cases

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