How can a brain injury affect an accident victim in Cedar Rapids?

Cedar Rapids, IA – A brain injury is almost always the result of some kind of trauma or impact to the head area. This is true even if the victim is not hit in the head directly. These problems are called traumatic brain injuries, and they can have serious effects on a person’s ability to function and work as normal, producing both long and short term consequences. Car accidents are a very common source of brain trauma in the United States. Falling injuries are another one of the most likely sources of concussions and brain damage. Regardless of the reason for the accident, the victim can get legal assistance to help pay for their medical treatment and other costs associated with their accident. 

Symptoms of the injury

The symptoms of a brain injury may not appear for weeks or even months after the initial accident. Both physical and psychological symptoms may be present to varying degrees. The victim can initially notice headaches, dizziness, and sleeping excessively or insomnia. Serious symptoms can include seizures, loss of consciousness, and slurred speech with confusion. In extreme cases, the victim can end up in a coma or permanent vegetative state. 

The most severe kinds of brain injuries can permanently affect the brain’s normal capacities or even become fatal. Whether the victim believes their brain trauma is mild or severe, all brain injuries can become life threatening, so immediate medical attention is crucial.  

Personal injury lawsuits

If a person cannot work or function as they normally would because of any type of injury, the person or entity responsible for the injury can be made to pay for various kinds of losses. Most personal injury lawsuits are filed as negligence cases, where the plaintiff’s attorney argues that the defendant’s careless behavior was responsible for their damages. A negligence lawsuit has four standard elements, including a relevant duty of care, a breach of the duty of care, actual and proximate causation, and damages. 

Medical bills, an inability to work, and quality of life issues are all considered in damages. The defendant in a lawsuit that involves serious brain injuries may have to end up paying thousands or millions of dollars. These damages can increase if reckless or intentional behavior was the cause of the incident.  An attorney should always be consulted to get specific monetary figures.

Injury attorneys in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm in the Cedar Rapids area that deals with various types of injuries, including lawsuits related to brain trauma. Anyone who needs compensation for their losses can schedule a meeting to get more information about the possibility of a civil lawsuit. 

Firm contact info:

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices 

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