Based on these two incidences, you can see just how serious a DWI charge in Texas can be and the effect it can have on your career.
After 57-year-old Deputy Graciela Moreno drank four 16-ounce beers while watching the Astros game, she likely didn’t expect the series of the events that followed to occur. Click 2 Houston said that it was late one Tuesday night back at the beginning of August when Moreno was on her way back from watching a baseball game. Unfortunately, she must have gotten detoured because she somehow ended up “driving through construction barricades near the intersection of West 43rdStreet and US 290″ in Harris County, TX.
The reason the barricades were up is because workers had just poured concrete down and it was still wet. As a result of driving through the blocked off area, Moreno got her truck stuck in the freshly poured concrete. In order to get her out of her vehicle, a worker had to use a forklift. When police arrived at the accident scene, they said that Moreno was impaired and then proceeded to charge her with DWI. As a result of the charges, Moreno, who worked as a deputy at the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for the past eight years, was “immediately reassigned to administrative leave with no inmate contact” and would be “designated civilian status.”
This wasn’t the first DWI charge Moreno has been hit with. Back in 2010, she was charged with driving while intoxicated, however, those charges were dismissed after she agreed to complete an intervention program, which is sometimes offered to certain DWI offenders depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime. Usually, a DWI defense lawyer can help an offender get their charges reduced or dismissed so that they don’t have to serve such a long sentence in jail or they can even get their jail sentence transferred into probation time.
Aside from the crime Moreno committed, the news outlet highlighted that she may have also caused a significant amount of damage by driving through the wet concrete. The Texas Department of Transportation stated that the accident caused a delay in getting the construction project completed, and officials estimated the damage to be about $2 million. Crews not only had to remove the damaged concrete but also repour it. Many residents who live nearby to the construction site were not pleased to learn that the incident caused a delay in getting the job completed.

Another Harris County Deputy Arrested for DWI

While this DWI arrest occurred back at the beginning of August, Click 2 Houston reported that yet another Harris County deputy was arrested for the same crime just a few days ago. The source said that Deputy Landon Emille Davis was pulled over and arrested by Humble police around 11:50 p.m. with a child under the age of 15 inside of the vehicle with him. Davis was “reassigned to administrative desk status with no law enforcement powers.” He has been working for the Harris County for the past two years.
If you have been arrested for DWI in Dallas, TX and need to retain a DWI defense lawyer to help fight your charges, contact DWI/DUI attorney John L. Corn today.
While everyone is aware that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle after having consumed a certain amount of alcohol, sometimes, people make the mistake of driving anyway as they believe they are capable of doing so despite their level of impairment. Unfortunately, no matter who you are, driving with a BAC level of 0.08 or higher if you are 21 years of age and over is illegal and is a punishable offense.
And while most of the individuals who are intoxicated aren’t too concerned when they first get behind the wheel drunk, their perspective often changes when they learn just how serious the crime truly is. So, if you have recently been arrested for driving while intoxicated in Dallas and are wanting to fight the DWI charges that have been filed against you or hire a Dallas, TX DWI defense lawyer to help get them reduced, contact John L. Corn, Attorney at Law. When you elect to hire a lawyer to represent you in your case, you stand a better chance at obtaining a successful outcome.
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