Brooklyn, NYDomestic violence is a serious crime that can result in various forms of punishment for the perpetrator. There are also procedures and services in place that protect victims and help them find a safe place to stay until these issues are resolved. 

Signs of domestic violence

While it can be difficult to predict when relations between a couple or family members will become violent, there are a number of indicators that tend to correlate with violence. An environment that starts to become abusive, stressful, and produce constant tension may degrade into violent behavior even if the arguments are limited to verbal disagreements initially. Families that have issues with abuse of alcohol or controlled substances tend to be more likely to have problems with violence as well. Particular stressors like a job loss or sudden health problem can also produce tension that can degrade into violence. However, these factors are not exhaustive, and violence often happens suddenly.  

Protective orders for victims

A victim can take formal action by having the local courts issue a protective order. This is essentially a legally binding notice that tells the person responsible for domestic violence to stay away from the victim and avoid any further contact, including various forms of stalking and harassment. The person named in the order may also have to move or give up their firearms if necessary. Violations of these orders can include various penalties. 

The specific type of order depends on the type of case at issue and the court that has jurisdiction. In New York, the Supreme Court, family courts, or criminal court system may all issue these orders, but the victim has to choose the proper venue based on their situation. Divorce cases will usually get an order from the Supreme Court if the victim or their attorney files a motion indicating a need for the order during the case. Criminal courts often act on their own to file formal charges against the abuser and give the victim a protective order if there is a related criminal case for domestic violence. Family courts can issue a civil protective order in order to resolve a violent situation as long as the victim files a family offense petition. 

The victim’s attorney can explain which court is appropriate depending on the background of the incident. 

Services from a family lawyer in New York

Elliot Green Law Offices handles several issues that are related to family law such as divorce, child custody, alimony payments, and domestic violence. When someone needs the services of an attorney in Brooklyn, they can get in touch with the firm to schedule a meeting. 

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