How can a worker tell if they have not been paid properly in Plano?

Plano, TX – Issues with improper pay and wage theft are some of the most common problems that workers face in the United States. Regardless of whether the employer has made an honest mistake or not, all wage laws still apply and the worker is entitled to the full outstanding amount they are owed. If the worker takes formal legal action to recover their wages, they may also receive additional damages such as interest on late wages. There are labor attorneys who focus on wage disputes and related issues who can help workers who have not been paid properly. 

Employer records

The employer should provide all workers with some kind of pay statements on a regular basis. They are also required by law to have complete and accurate records of all pay and hours worked that are available for inspection upon request. A worker can check these documents for any inaccuracies and problems with pay rate. The employer may also be fined by a labor agency if the government discovers that they do not have the appropriate records as required during an investigation into wage theft. 

Overtime laws

If the worker is non-exempt and they worked more than forty hours in a seven day consecutive period, they are entitled to overtime pay at one and one half times their regular rate. Any pay statements or other records of the employee’s hours should reflect overtime pay if applicable during the pay period. Outstanding overtime needs to be paid just like any other kind of missing wages. 

Minimum wage laws

Each worker’s pay rate should be set at least at the federal minimum wage. The state of Texas has a minimum wage that is set to the same amount as under federal law. It is illegal for any employer in Texas to pay less than this amount. If the worker has been paid less than minimum wage, they can calculate the amount they are owed and file a formal complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission. 


Employers are not allowed to retaliate against workers in any way for reporting wage violations. This can include taking away overtime hours, negative performance reviews, paying less than minimum wage, demotion, or termination. If there is evidence that the employer retaliated for a worker asserting a protected right, the company can face an additional retaliation lawsuit and have to pay damages to the victim. 

Learning about lawsuits against an employer in Texas

Moore and Associates is a labor law firm that helps people in Plano and other parts of Texas. Their attorneys provide advice about various kinds of lawsuits against workplaces including unpaid wages, discrimination, and sexual harassment.  

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