New London, CTMotor vehicle accidents are one of the most common sources of injuries and lawsuits both in Connecticut and nationally. This means that many drivers will become an accident victim at some point in their lives and need legal help. However, the right legal help can make this process much less stressful and more likely to succeed. The victim can also follow some steps on their own and do some basic research to increase their chances of winning.

Paying for legal services

Almost all civil injury cases are taken on a contingent fee basis. This means that the client does not have to pay for any services up front. They will only pay if the lawsuit is successful, and the client will be billed a certain portion out of the money won from the case. This fee structure makes legal services more accessible and affordable to most people. 

Insurance issues

The relevant insurance provider should be contacted and given the information about the collision within the first day or so afterward. This will help the accident victim start their claim process and put the other driver’s insurance on notice. The plaintiff’s attorney may also end up negotiating with one of these insurance companies for a settlement at a later time. In some cases the insurance process may even be sufficient to pay for all of the losses associated with the collision, so a lawsuit would not be necessary. Additionally, the terms of the drivers policy require all accidents to be reported within a reasonable amount of time afterward.  

The accident report

The police will conduct an investigation at the scene and generate a formal report. This is an important piece of evidence that documents the crash, the time and place, the people involved, and other pieces of relevant information. It can be used during the trial or settlement negotiations. If the investigation makes conclusions about fault and causation, this can be extremely important, as the traffic expert may be able to testify and mention that the defendant was responsible for the injuries..  

Choosing the right lawyer

The victim should find a local firm that is dedicated to personal injury law and motor vehicle accidents specifically. Almost all attorneys and firms have a specialty rather than working as a general practitioner. The lawyer should also have documented experience winning at trial or negotiating settlement agreements for their clients. 

Personal injury lawyers in Connecticut

Holth and Kollman handle accident cases in the New London area and other nearby parts of Connecticut. Anyone who has recently been injured can contact the firm to schedule a meeting and discuss the possibility of a lawsuit. 

Firm contact info:

Holth & Kollman, LLC

58 Huntington Street, New London, CT 06320


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