How can an accident victim tell who hit them in Gonzales?

Gonzales, LA – In an accident lawsuit, there are a number of important issues related to fault that need to be decided. Anyone who was involved will want to know who hit them in case they need to take legal action. There are ways to find out all of the parties involved, and the victim’s attorney may decide to join them as defendants in any related legal action. Those who have questions about who they may need to sue for compensation can contact a local attorney to learn more. 

Exchanging information

If it is safe to do so at an accident scene, the drivers involved should contact each other and exchange information. This is required by law, and anyone who just leaves without contacting the others can be charged with a crime. Things like the person’s name, address, license plate number, and insurance information are the most important identifying details. This information needs to be provided if anyone involved intends on filing an insurance claim or getting an attorney to handle any legal matters related to the crash.

Police reports

Another way that the people involved in an accident may receive all of the relevant information is through the police report. In accidents that involve injuries or significant property damage, the police will arrive and record all of the identifying details of the people involved and write them into their report. These documents can become crucial pieces of information at a later time, as officers with traffic experience will try to figure out what caused the car crash and give their opinion regarding fault for the collision. If the police believe that fault is clear and indicate who is at fault in this report, this can be the deciding factor in any insurance or legal issues related to the collision. 


Negligence is an important legal concept in various civil lawsuits. In cases where one of the drivers is considered to have been negligent, they are going to be responsible for paying the costs associated with the crash as well if they are sued. Negligence simply means that the driver did not follow the expected standard of care on the roads, which resulted in the crash and all associated damage. The driver who failed to meet this standard will have to pay the others involved for things like medical costs and lost income. In Louisiana, the law also allows negligence to be divided between all of the drivers involved if more than one person is partially at fault. 

Accident lawyers in Louisiana

Miller, Hampton, and Hilgendorf is an accident firm that helps people with the process to receive compensation in Gonzales and other parts of Louisiana. Anyone who needs additional information about bringing a lawsuit can get in touch with the firm to learn more.  

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