How can Florida drivers protect themselves if they have been involved in a chain-reaction crash?

Fort Lauderdale, FL—Chain-reaction crashes, like all other motor vehicle accidents, can happen in the blink of an eye. One minute a driver is cruising down the highway and the next, his/her vehicle is sitting in a pile-up of vehicles with drivers who didn’t see the accident coming or were unable to react in time to prevent it. As scary as chain-reaction crashes are, there are some important steps drivers should consider taking after engaging in this type of accident to prevent themselves and those traveling with them from suffering additional injuries.


Steps to Take After a Chain-Reaction Crash


When a chain-reaction accident occurs, drivers are encouraged to remain in their vehicles, according to Consumer Reports. Although a driver might be inclined to get out and assess the damage, their vehicle can offer them more protection as there is little to nothing protecting them from being hit by another motorist. There have been many accounts of drivers suffering fatal injuries after having been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Many of these drivers got out of their vehicles and began walking around the accident scene.

Of course, there are times when it may be necessary for a driver who just engaged in a chain-reaction crash to exit their vehicle.

If a driver’s vehicle is at risk of catching fire or begins to catch fire while they are sitting in it with their hazard lights on, they are then encouraged to exit their vehicle and move forward past the crash. Because there is a chance the fire could spread and more vehicles could collide into the pile-up of cars, Consumer Reports recommends individuals move past the wreckage to a safer area.


How can a Fort Lauderdale, FL Car Accident Lawyer Help After a Chain-Reaction Crash?


Chain-reaction crashes are more complex than those involving one or two vehicles. Not only are there more people involved, but there may also be multiple factors that led to the crash occurring. A car accident lawyer brings many benefits to the table after a chain-reaction crash, one of which includes identifying all the liable parties in the accident.

Once an injured party knows who it was that caused their accident, they can then decide whether to file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit against him/her. If insurance coverage was available at the time of the accident, a lawyer will help an accident victim get their claim filed and as well as understand what is required of them in order to recover the compensation they are due (e.g. file certain documents, seek medical treatment, etc.).

It is always a good idea to retain a Fort Lauderdale, FL car accident attorney after a wreck as they are going to go the extra mile for their clients to help them recover the compensation they are due. If an accident victim would like to learn more about why it benefits to hire a Fort Lauderdale, FL car accident lawyer and how they can help them in the days following a chain-reaction crash, they can contact Madalon Law now at 954-923-0072.


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