Are you a parent in Detroit, Michigan who depends on the school bus to transport your child to and from school? If so, have you ever wondered how safe the bus they are riding actually is? If you said yes, then you’ll be happy to know that there is a way to tell whether the bus your child rides is safe or has been flagged for repairs.
According to Michigan State Police, you can determine whether a school bus has been inspected or not and what rating it received by looking for a color-coded sticker on the vehicle. If you look at the windshield of the school bus, you should see a sticker displaying the Michigan State Police “shield” along with the school calendar year it is valid for. That sticker should be one of two colors, either green or yellow. A green sticker means that “the bus is safe and has passed all of the safety component inspection items,” according to Frank Klavinger who works as a school bus inspector in the state of Michigan [Source: WILX 10].
Now, if the bus displays a yellow sticker, then this indicates “there’s some defective equipment but the bus can still operate.” While you should only be seeing a green or yellow sticker, there is a red sticker that is placed on school buses although this indicates that the “but is not safe to drive and will not be back out on the road until it is repaired.” That means you should never see a school bus with a red sticker displayed on the windshield.

How safe are school buses in Michigan?

The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is responsible for inspecting private, public, denominated, parochial, and charter school buses across the state of Michigan each and every year. According to Michigan State Police, the state “has approximately 17,000 vehicles that transport in excess of 800,000 children over 10 million miles annually.” With buses in constant route, they must be checked to ensure they are safe to drive and that if certain repairs are needed, they are made before the bus can be taken back out on the road.
While school buses, in general, are deemed as some of the safest modes of transportation out there, they can become hazardous when they aren’t inspected or maintained. Now, if you’re wondering how some of the school buses ranked in the state of Michigan, WILX 10 took the time to look through some inspection reports and this is what they found:
The next time you drop your child off at their school bus stop, check for the color-coded sticker to see how it ranked during inspections.

  • Out of the 96 buses that are on the road in Lansing, MI, only one bus didn’t pass inspection.
  • In Jackson, out of 54 buses in the district, 16 should have never been permitted to drive on the roadway.
  • One bus in East Lansing was flagged, says the news outlet.
  • In East Rapids, all buses were given green stickers.

Now, aside from relying on these color-coded stickers, you can also look for a QR code sticker that should be displayed on the service door of each school bus. After downloading a QR Reader app on your smartphone, you can scan the code and you will have access to “individual school bus inspection information” [Source: Michigan State Police].
Knowing how safe your child’s school bus is can give you some peace of mind seeing you aren’t the one transporting them to school. However, if your child is ever involved in a wreck while riding on a school bus in Detroit, MI and you believe the accident was caused a negligent driver or a defective bus, contact immediately. The truth is, parents and their children have legal rights after being involved in a bus collision and it is important you understand what those rights are and how to exercise them.
The Detroit, MI bus accident lawyers can connect you with can explain what these are and how to recover the compensation you might be entitled to if your child is ever injured while riding the school bus.

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