Can Louisiana lawyers help Mesothelioma Veterans receive disability compensation?

Louisiana – March 5, 2021

After a war veteran has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, they may need to file documents and applications for compensation.  An attorney familiar with toxic exposure damage can assist veterans so they receive assistance from the United States Government through financial and medical assistance programs at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  These programs have been set up to address mesothelioma effects that diminish the quality of life, and is a factor in untimely death.  An experienced toxic exposure attorney in Louisiana can assist victims of toxic exposure and their families by matching programs to their degree of loss, and by preparing appropriate applications and support documents.


The financial compensation available through the VA is based on the particulars of every case and filling out the application thoroughly is important.  Hiring experienced legal counsel is a prudent decision to assist with paperwork and avoid any delays in necessary compensation for victims of Mesothelioma and their families.  The compensation provided by the VA is tax-free and paid out monthly at approximately $3,000 per month, with additional benefits paid depending upon marital status and dependents.

Complete claims.

Disability compensation is contingent on proof of a diagnosis and previous work exposure to asbestos during military service.  Since the government was misled by asbestos companies claiming asbestos products were safe to use, they cannot be sued for negative outcomes to service men and women who were exposed and became ill. Veterans may consider working with legal counsel experienced with Mesothelioma VA claims, who can streamline the application and follow-up processes.  Mesothelioma patients may need more financial assistance to help cover medical bills and treatments than a veteran’s pension allows.  Qualifying veterans may receive monetary benefits for:

  • Medical treatment,
  • Necessary medications,
  • Medical equipment,
  • At home care and nursing services,
  • Mental health counseling,
  • Physical therapy,
  • Dependents,
  • Burial and funeral expenses.

A skilled toxic exposure attorney can initiate a claim supported by proof of the exposure during service, and additional legal action if multiple parties are named, as a means to secure damages.

VA evaluation of loss.

Experienced toxic exposure attorneys can make certain that the paperwork filed covers the key components necessary for the VA to establish the toxic exposure claimed by citing a time period; assist with developing a narrative of the disease progression and diagnosis; assist with access to additional benefits even if individuals have already filed a claim and are receiving some benefits; and assist with appeals after VA denials for compensation due to asbestos-related illnesses.

Hire a lawyer.

Experienced attorneys at Stag Liuzza understand how important it is to seek financial assistance through VA benefits to combat mesothelioma’s negative effects, and through addressing the possibility of continuous disability benefits to cover treatments for long term illness leading to permanent disability, or death.


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