How can you prevent sexual harassment at your workplace?

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is unwanted, unpleasant, embarrassing, or threatening behavior including sexual content. It can take place in person or online, and it can be written, verbal, or physical.

Anyone can experience sexual harassment, irrespective of gender. Sexual harassment may qualify as discrimination if it occurs in a place of employment, a school, or a university.

Following are some of the ways you can follow to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace:

Train your employees:

impose frequent and continuous training requirements on both employees and managers. Annual or as-needed, refresher training should be provided. This will raise awareness of sexual harassment and its consequences for the employees.

Make Policies:

Your company should make sexual harassment at work policy public and make sure that every employee is aware of it. The policy should outline specific reporting and tip-off processes. Speak with your line manager about having a policy established if there isn’t one already in place at your place of employment.

Awareness sessions:

Awareness is the best method of prevention. People who are aware of actions that might be seen as harassment are less likely to act in those ways and more likely to recognize harassment in general. Awareness sessions should be given to the employees and managers. Employees should be educated on the delicacy of this matter.

Reporting policy:

Every employee must feel confident in reporting any behavior that bothers them or other employees. The most recent claims have taught us that staff members have shielded rather than reported coworkers who act improperly at work.

Immediate action:

You should address any situation where a coworker or employee raises a problem with you right away. Particularly when it comes to workplace harassment. The problem should be reported quickly and effectively thanks to established, transparent processes.

Managing body for Sexual Harassment:

Does your place of employment have a specific employee in charge of handling any complaints of sexual harassment? This will frequently be an HR representative in a small or medium-sized corporation, whereas in a bigger organization, there should be a staff member specifically assigned to managing any employee problems.

Consequences for such an act:

It should go without saying that your company should have a strict “zero tolerance” policy for sexual harassment. There should be quick repercussions for any employee who is proven guilty of sexually harassing a coworker or member of the staff, regardless of their status within the company or real estate. If thought necessary, a police report should be made.

Report Immediately:

Raise your issue right away if you believe a member of your organization has acted improperly toward you or if you have concerns about a coworker. Your company’s policies should emphasize the value of secrecy so that you may voice your issue without worrying about facing repercussions like pay reductions or termination.

You can also consult a sexual harassment lawyer in severe cases if your organization is not helping you or if the matter is severe. A company can hire a lawyer in such cases to prevent complications and to take proper legal action against the accused.

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