How do insurance companies decide fault in a car accident in Iowa City?

Iowa City, IA – Fault is an important concept in car accident cases that are filed with insurance companies. This is because a driver who is at fault will have to pay for the costs of the others involved. While fault can be a complex matter, there are a few general principles that insurance companies follow after receiving a claim related to a crash. Anyone who is having issues and needs compensation after a motor vehicle accident in Iowa City can get the help of an attorney to review their accident details and related insurance matters.

Evidence from the accident scene

One of the most obvious ways that fault can be determined is by reviewing any evidence related to the crash. This can include pictures of the scene from shortly after the crash happened, testimony of witnesses, vehicle damage, and any relevant reports from the police. Any relevant injuries and fatalities can also be important in proving fault and the amount of financial liability of the party considered at fault.

Accident reports

Law enforcement agencies may send professionals with experience in traffic accidents to a scene. These individuals will generate a report that summarizes the vehicles involved, any damages or injuries, the time and place of the incident, and most importantly they can give opinions regarding fault. Some insurance companies may simply go with the officer’s opinion regarding fault, as it can be difficult to contest a conclusion made by the police in the report. 

Any relevant traffic citations

It is possible that one of the drivers involved may be cited for offenses such as speeding, illegal lane changes, running red lights, or drunk driving. This is usually relevant to the issue of fault, as someone who is not following the relevant traffic laws is assumed to have violated the standard of care expected of drivers on the road. 

The jurisdiction’s negligence laws

Each state has similar laws regarding negligence in personal injury law. When a car accident happens, the issue of fault tends to closely follow who would prevail in a negligence case. This is because this is the type of case that is filed against a defendant driver if they are actually sued. Insurance companies know that they need to base their decisions on how a case would actually be decided if the accident is formally litigated. 

Information about accident lawyers in Iowa City

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that works with local clients in the Iowa City area who have been injured. Anyone who needs additional information can contact the firm to learn more about the possibility of a lawsuit and compensation.

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