How do minimum wage laws affect workers in Bryan and the rest of Texas?

Bryan, TX – All employers must pay their employees at least the federal minimum wage. The state of Texas has chosen to set the minimum wage at the same amount as the federal law, although some states have a higher minimum wage that must be paid. Any worker who is being paid less than the minimum wage has the right to take legal action against their employer and be compensated any outstanding wages.  

Why minimum wage laws were developed

Historically, minimum wage laws were meant as a protection for workers who worked long hours in poor conditions for very small amounts of compensation. It was possible for employers to essentially force their employees to spend all of their waking hours laboring in order to earn enough to survive. Gradually, changes were made in laws due to the fundamental unfairness of having an employer with this much power over a worker’s life. Many of the wage reforms that resulted in American minimum wage laws happened around the time of the Great Depression and the years following. This is when the Fair Labor Standards Act was signed into law, which contains minimum wage laws, overtime regulations, and other important protections for workers. Over time, states also passed various pieces of labor legislation with similar provisions. In Texas, there is a law called the Texas Payday Law that regulates wages and covers many of the same topics as the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Ways that minimum wage laws can be violated

Although the minimum wage law is a clearly defined amount that must be paid hourly, some of the ways that minimum wage laws are violated are not always obvious. Things like illegal deductions from a worker’s pay, taking a worker’s tips, asking for unpaid favors or work, or improper record keeping by the employer can all result in violation of minimum wage laws or other kinds of wage theft. Workers who are hourly full time employees are also eligible for overtime pay, regardless of their specific pay rate. 

Remedies for wage violations

All workers who believe that they have not been paid properly can review their records with their employer. If the employer has made a mistake and corrects it after speaking with the worker, this can usually resolve the problem. However, if a worker is still not paid properly, they can take additional measures such as retaining a labor attorney and filing a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission. 

More information from labor attorneys in Texas

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