Iowa City, IA – The process of giving birth poses many difficulties. Among the problems that can happen at this time are serious injuries to the newborn child that can affect their development. The general term that is used to describe these kinds of problems is a birth injury. Doctors and other healthcare professionals can be sued if a family discovers that they are responsible for harming their child during delivery. Certain attorneys in Iowa focus on helping people file lawsuits in this situation. 

Common problems during birth

There are certain problems that happen after a woman goes into labor that are likely to result in birth injuries. The newborn may possibly get stuck in the birth canal. If the doctors assisting with delivery do not handle this emergency properly, the child can have broken limbs, crush injuries, or even brain damage

Lack of oxygen at any time during birth is another serious problem. This may result in the baby needing special assistance to start breathing again, and various kinds of injuries may happen due to the complications associated with oxygen deprivation. 

Improper use of tools and instruments by those delivering the baby is another serious problem. Some of these instruments use suction or have sharp edges which can damage the child in various ways.  

Lawsuits for birth injuries

If parents discover that their child has some kind of health problems shortly after birth, it is important to get an examination by a medical professional to try to determine the cause. Doctors, nurses, and even the healthcare administration at the hospital where the birth took place may be liable for these injuries. Lawsuits for birth injuries are similar to other medical malpractice cases, so the victim’s family should try to get information from a doctor who focuses on issues related to giving birth. This doctor may even be used as an expert for the purposes of testifying at trial or filing an affidavit to start the case.  

The main reason to file a lawsuit is to recover compensation, also known as damages. The victim’s family can summarize the costs of additional medical care, as well as other financial problems caused by the birth injury. If the case is successful, the defendant healthcare provider will have to pay out this amount through a settlement or after a trial

Personal injury lawyers in Iowa

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is an experienced firm that helps all kinds of injured clients throughout the state of Iowa. Their attorneys can meet with anyone who needs assistance, and they can provide more specific information about filing a civil lawsuit and receiving a settlement.

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