How do workers deal with wage theft in Round Rock?

Round Rock, TX – There are a number of different ways that employers fail to pay their workers properly. This includes things like unpaid overtime, minimum wage violations, illegally taking tips, and hours missing from the worker’s take home pay. Regardless of the employer’s reasoning for doing so, this is considered wage theft and the employee has the right to take action to be paid all of their outstanding wages. It is possible to get help from the government, or retain an attorney to assist with this process. Anyone who needs additional information regarding how they can receive their proper wages can contact a local labor attorney

Unpaid wage claims and government action

At the state level, the Texas Workforce Commission can receive claims regarding unpaid wages. Certain employees of the federal government may file similar unpaid wage claims with the federal Department of Labor. In either case, the worker should try to take action shortly after the outstanding wages are due. This is because there are time limits regarding when the claim is filed in relation to the pay period in question. If the time period to file a claim for unpaid wages has expired, the labor agency will not take any action and reject the claim. After the claim is filed and processed, the agency will attempt to investigate the matter and make a decision based on their findings. The employer is required to have records of all of their employee hours and wages available for inspection for this purpose. 

Damages for unpaid wages

If the worker is successful in their claim, they can receive various types of remedies. The person will get their full outstanding pay, there may be interest on late wages, and other kinds of damages such as liquidated damages may be applicable depending on the situation. 

What does a wage theft attorney do?

A worker may have disputes with their employer, and they also need to be careful to follow all relevant rules and procedures when going through the unpaid wage claim process. The advice of a licensed attorney can be crucial during these times, as mistakes can cause a claim to be rejected. The attorney will also review any documentation related to the worker’s pay or other issues to see if they can spot any problems that need to be addressed. If the employer needs to be sued and taken to court for any reason, the representation from a lawyer is important during any hearings or trials. 

Labor attorneys in Texas

Moore and Associates is a firm that helps people with their labor and employment issues in the Round Rock area. Anyone who needs assistance with claims related to unpaid wages, sexual harassment, overtime law, or discrimination can schedule a meeting with their attorneys. 

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