How does a civil lawsuit against a drunk driver proceed in Tucson?

Tucson, AZ – Drunk drivers can cause serious damage to property and other people if they are involved in an accident before they are apprehended by law enforcement. However, this is a fairly regular occurrence in Tucson and other cities around the country. When this happens, the victim should meet with a local lawyer and get specific help regarding how they can pay for their losses through a civil lawsuit.

How a civil case against a drunk driver works

Drivers who are harmed by another person’s negligence can file a lawsuit for compensation. This is true for drunk driving accidents, as well as other situations where a driver makes a less severe mistake or traffic violation. The civil case is focused on trying to determine whether the defendant deviated from the reasonable person standard and caused the plaintiff’s losses. This standard is based on what any other driver would have done in the same situation, and generally includes observing and obeying all relevant traffic laws. This is why drunk driving, if proven, is almost always negligent behavior in civil court as well as worthy of criminal punishment. 

The procedure to file the case

The victim normally starts the process by meeting with a civil accident attorney in Arizona. The lawyer can advise whether it is necessary to bring a lawsuit based on the person’s specific situation, and the lawsuit can be filed after there is an agreement on representation. This complaint that begins the case will state relevant facts such as when and where the accident happened, details about why the defendant is at fault which can include allegations of drunk driving, and statement for relief which is in the form of compensation. Note that this lawsuit can proceed even if the defendant was never formally convicted of intoxicated driving in criminal court. After the case is filed, the lawyers exchange evidence and info through the discovery process. 

Compensation for accident victims

The most important reason why a victim would bring the civil case is to receive compensation for various kinds of losses. This can include healthcare costs, the value of the person’s lost income and wages, and costs or property damage in most cases. There are also non-economic damages for pain and suffering available, even though these are associated with quality of life problems rather than specific quantifiable losses. In many situations, the attorneys for both sides will have settlement negotiations to determine a fair amount of compensation, and a trial related to the drunk driving crash in Tucson is not necessary. 

Additional help after an accident in Arizona

USAttorneys.com is a website that works with people throughout the country to get them the right kind of legal help. Anyone who is searching for a lawyer in their area can call 800-672-3103 to get assistance. 

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