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How does a Florida real estate attorney assist with a home sale in Orlando?

Florida – July 31, 2022

Florida real estate attorneys are the objective professional component when individuals are anticipating a home sale, both for Florida residents and those that are buying a Florida property but living out of state. Florida real estate attorneys are knowledgeable about the constant changes to real estate law and the market trends of a specific area.  Either the seller or buyer should hire a real estate attorney to make certain the purchase of a property goes smoothly.

To guide a sales transaction in Florida, legal professionals will:

  • Resolve document disputes that may cause delay. Often the property has title or deed issues that may delay contract movement in Florida, but a real estate attorney will research the property and related filings to clear title or deed from any liens or other issues that would interrupt the sale when it is necessary
  • Navigate foreclosure and short sale complexities which may involve interaction with bank officials to review records and documents to verify what is needed to cure the debt on the property and assure a clean sale.
  • Work with trustees when inherited properties are for sale to make certain that probate has been completed and there are no legal roadblocks to a smooth sale transaction.
  • Review home inspection reports and make sure there is an agreement to who will be responsible for repairs and when they will be completed as pertains to a closing date for the sale.
  • Provide legally sound creative solutions for closing documents to be signed remotely when a buyer or seller is located out of
  • Function as a mediator for transactions involving multiple parties who may have differed opinions or remorse about a sale, such as in cases of forced sale due to divorce or family disputes over inherited properties. A real estate attorney should not have a conflict of interest and can draft a partition action when necessary.
  • Providing both seller and buyer with transactional materials relevant to a sale for its conclusion.
  • Protecting interests of either party when one reconsiders and wants to walk away from the agreement.

Transfer of property.

The duty of a real estate attorney in a home sale transaction is to guarantee the legal transfer of a property from a seller to a buyer and they are responsible for transporting the documentation between the two parties in order for the transaction to conclude, as well as filing property titles and deeds with the appropriate agencies.

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