Nashville, TN – In the early stages of any business, there must be both planning and action for the business to be formally incorporated and set up in various ways and start operations. This can include dividing ownership, investments, a company charter, and filing the documentation to have the entity recognized as a corporation in the state. These early steps are crucial in ensuring the future success of the business, which means that a lawyer should be consulted to review all of the documentation and filings carefully. Some attorneys in Nashville and other cities focus their entire careers on helping businesses succeed. 

Types of corporations

Lawyers who focus on business can advise the client what kind of corporation will be most advantageous based on their situation. Some business owners, especially those who work independently, may not need to incorporate at all. One of the most important reasons to set up a corporation is to limit the liability of the owners of the company, so that they will not be named personally in a lawsuit that targets their business. An LLC, which stands for limited liability corporation, is one of the most common business entities that is set up for this reason. Once the incorporation documents have been filled out, they need to be formally filed with the state so that the business is legally recognized by the government. 

Businesses with special concerns 

Some businesses will benefit greatly from having a lawyer in the early stages for various reasons. This includes organizations with special status such as charities. It also includes businesses that will have multiple investors who have an ownership interest. These kinds of issues tend to be more complex than starting a standard small business. The documents can even account for situations where owners leave, and how the remaining ownership interests can be divided among partners. 


Drafting contracts


The basic agreements between owners, employees, contractors, and vendors are all some kind of contract. These can vary greatly in complexity based on the specific terms and what goals the business needs to accomplish with each document. The contract should also include information about remedies in case one party breaches the terms. Each business or party can consult with a lawyer to determine what kinds of contracts will be necessary in their industry. This can include purchase agreements, construction contracts, installment contracts, and commercial leases.

Meeting with a local lawyer in Tennessee

The Law Office of George R. Fusner helps with various business law matters in Nashville. Anyone who needs legal advice related to their business can contact the firm to learn more and schedule a meeting. 

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