How does a person in Yuma know if they have a personal injury case?

Yuma, AZ – The best way for someone who has been injured to receive financial help is to get an attorney and bring a personal injury case. However, there are some requirements for the case to be filed and successfully result in a settlement or jury verdict for the plaintiff. Those who need more specific information about whether they can bring a lawsuit or not can contact a licensed injury attorney in Arizona

There needs to be a physical injury

Personal injury lawsuits require the plaintiff to have suffered some kind of physical injury with associated costs for treatment, or other losses such as lost income or pain and suffering. There are torts for emotional stress and psychological harm, but it is rare for these cases to result in a lawsuit or settlement unless there was also an associated physical injury. Cases where there are severe injuries, disabilities, or fatalities tend to pay the plaintiff the largest amounts, as the damages stated in the lawsuit will determine the amount of compensation available. 

Another party needs to be identified as at fault

Personal injury cases are filed against people or businesses that cause harm. Many personal injury cases are related to motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice, or defective products that harm during normal use. In all of these situations, a defendant can be identified as the party responsible for causing the plaintiff’s losses and injury. When the defendant is sued and it appears that they will be at fault, they may have some kind of relevant insurance where their insurance company will pay out their losses. However, if there is not an insurance policy that covers injuries to others in place, the person or company will be personally liable for paying the damages.  

Summarizing damages

When the victim’s attorney files a lawsuit, they need to list the damages sustained because of the defendant’s conduct. The best candidates for personal injury cases include those who have medical costs, lost wages, and various other problems that were caused by their injuries. This means that someone who only had minor inconveniences due to their injuries may not want to invest the time to try to bring a case for a small amount of compensation. It is also possible that a defendant may have to pay out punitive damages if they acted with malice or recklessly to cause harm. 

Meeting with an injury attorney in Arizona

Schneider and Onofry is a personal injury practice that helps clients in the Yuma area determine whether they should take legal action. Anyone who needs assistance from their attorneys can contact the firm to schedule a meeting. 

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